Drama Club Trip

Last week, I went to Smock Alley Theatre and the Gaiety School of Acting with the drama club. Ms Mc Loughlin and Ms Lynch came too. This trip was a reward for taking part in a talent show.

We went on a tour in Smock Alley theatre. Conor was our tour guide. Dylan and Artur acted out a scene from Romeo and Juliet. It was fun.

After this we went to the Gaiety School of Acting. We looked at the wall of famous past pupils. We saw the dance studio and the voice room. We had our lunch and we were even allowed to bring some treats.

After lunch, we met Kate the drama teacher. We played games like unison clap and funny sounds. My group acted out the three little pigs. I was the first pig. My favourite par t was when we had to make a big photo.  It was cool.

On the way home, we crossed the Ha’penny Bridge which is over the River Liffey. We got the bus home.

I really enjoyed the trip.



4th Class

Rang 4 Golf Pro's!!

Rang 4 are very artistic and enjoy the festive season!

Following recipes to make tasty Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats for our Bake Sale yum!!

Science for fun!

Practicing our skipping skills!

Halloween fun at our Talent Show!

Recently, we celebrated receiving our Proclamation and National Flag at a very special assembly. 

Read on to understand 4th class' interpretation of a Proclamation in this day and age...some food for thought by our future leaders no doubt! 

Here are their thoughts... 

The world should be in peace altogether

To help people, to stop war and to stop people from being mean to one another

Raise money for charities

To have peace! To tell the government to give money to help the homeless problem

No rascism!No war! Yes to freedom! 

Treat everyone with the same respect. No rascism! Everyone has the same rights! Black, white or brown

Everyone has equal rights

Stop people from being cruel

Everyone enjoys the same rights in our country 

Make peace, not war! Fight unfairness and rascism. One person won't be enough but together it will happen


SVP fair day

Friday 12th of December 2014

  1. Wear your festive Christmas jumper and watch a DVD with your friends for 1 euro.
  2. Penalty shootout = 50c.
  3. Guess sweets are in the jar = 50c.
  4. Raffle = you could win a homework pass,playground pass,P.E pass 1 euro for 1  strip or 20c for 1 ticket.
  5. Photo booth = 1 euro.
  6. Cakes/buns = 1 euro and 50c.

-Andrei Adriano and Richard Botnaru

Cookery Club

This week in Cookery Club we made Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies! The boys had just enough time for a quick pose before the cookies went into the oven!

We had a great time on our Active Walk to in St. Anne's Park

Cookery Club

The 4th Class boys had a great time in Cookery Club last Thursday making homemade pizza and wedges! Scoil Chiaráin's own mini Jamie Olivers in the making!

Add headline

We plan to take the photos for the calendar and cards this Friday 14th November, and so we would greatly appreciate it if you could send in some items of clothing / props with your son.  Below are the details:

 Christmas Cards:

 All boys to bring in something associated with Christmas, hat / tinsel / Christmas jumper / red t-shirt etc.

 Calendar Pictures:

 If your son was born in January, please bring in tinsel / balloons / party hats etc. – a New Year theme.

 If your son was born in February, pink / red clothes / love hearts / wings etc. -  A Valentine’s theme.

 If your son was born in March:  please bring inGreen / white and yellow clothes – St Patrick’s hats etc.  A St Patrick’s Day theme.

 If your son was born in April:  wellingtons / rain coats / umbrellas  -  an April Showers theme.

 If your son was born in May:  Sun glasses / hats / shorts / T-shirts etc.  -  Beginning of summer theme.

 If your son was born in June:  Robin Hood and his merry men  -  to tie in with the theme of our musical this year.

 If your son was born in July:  Buckets / spades / sun glasses - summer holiday theme.

 If your son was born in August:  wellingtons / farmers caps etc.  - 

A farming / harvesting theme.

 If your son was born in September: School uniforms with a tie! - Back to school theme.

 If your son was born in October:  Halloween costumes

 If your son was born in November:  Winter coats / scarves and gloves / hats -   Winter theme.

 If your son was born in December:  Christmas hats / decoration / Santa costumes etc.


If you have items suitable for more than one month, or perhaps a few Santa hats etc and you don’t mind sharing them, for the day, please put your name on them and send them into the teacher.

Our Green Flag Mascot!

The boys in 4th Class have been working really hard for the past month on their Green Flag Mascot, which is a Dub Vs Tipp match! It was made from recycled bottle tops and milk cartons from the boys lunches, which were covered in paper maché. They put in a lot of hard work and it turned out great! We chose to be very diplomatic and decided that the match would be a draw!!

Kicking off with some rugby today!

We began rugby today with Stephen, our coach! It was lots of fun! Check out the photo page on the blog "Check us out" and see some pics of us having lots of fun in the sun!

Full of giggles Rang a 4!