Building with our buddies!

Birds nests in Spring

Some of our Superheros positive thinking work

Building words

I made it myself!

Thumbs up for a good job!

Penalty Shoot Outs were a favourite and taken very seriously by some of the boys!

Fun day

Our buddies helped too

Farmyard in the Schoolyard came to visit. We saw sheep, lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and hens. It was lots of fun.

Busy building words.

Having fun playing a language game.

What happened to the boys?

Operation Transformation comes to Room 6!



Getting a health checkup

Police checking the drivers credentials!


Someone is 4!

6 years old!

Managing the crane

In the diner

Building the wall!

January award winners!


Sand play

A super creation!

Number work

Peg work

Early addition

Imitation game

Busy building words

January 2017

This week we've been learning about mindfulness. We are discovering some yoga breaths - so far we are covered the crocodile breath, lion breath and bumble bee breath. We are also thinking about what makes us feel happy and will make a 'gratitude chain' with all our happy moments at the end of the week!

Enjoying a sensory sandbox

Our Snowmen!

Two of our November Award Winners!

Nov. 19, 2016

Science and Maths Week

We had a busy week! On Monday we experimented with 'sink or float', on Wednesday we made apples erupt and on Friday our buddies helped us make bubble snakes! It was lots of fun. On Tuesday and Thursday we did 2D songs and games.

Apples, baking soda, vinegar and a spoon

Cut top off apple and scoop out

Spoon in baking soda

Add vinegar

Erupting apples!