We are learning all about Measurement this week!

Feeding the birds.............


Dylan's birthday!

Our Angels in Room 10

Santa arrived in Scoil Chiarain......

Christmas Baking

Party time in Room 10

28th November 2014 

Our Students Ciarán and Aileen are leaving today, so we baked some cakes for them!!!

The Big Bouncy Factory

Today there were three bouncy castles in the P.E hall.

I was playing on the bouncy castles with Adam, Dylan, Gary, and Ryan.

The boys from room 11 and room 6 were there as well.

Ms Harte was taking photos.

We had a really good time.

Finn is swimming in the deep end !

I swam in the deep end and that was fun. I did 250 big kicks.

I liked the deep end.

I had a shower after swimming.

By Finn Phillips.

We read Rosie's Walk!

Rosie was a hen and she lived on a farm. One day, she went for a walk, across the yard. The fox was walking behind Rosie. She went around the pond. Sly Fox fell into the pond with a splash.

She went over the haycock. The fox fell into the haycock. Then, she went past the mill. The flour fell on top of Foxy. He was having a very bad day.

Rosie went through the fence but the fox rolled into the beehive on a cart. The bees stung poor Foxy!

Rosie was very happy because she got home in time for lunch!!

We were busy making creepy crawly spiders!

Here we are on our Community Walk for our Active Week

Add headline

We plan to take the photos for the calendar and cards this Friday 14th November, and so we would greatly appreciate it if you could send in some items of clothing / props with your son.  Below are the details:

 Christmas Cards:

 All boys to bring in something associated with Christmas, hat / tinsel / Christmas jumper / red t-shirt etc.

 Calendar Pictures:

 If your son was born in January, please bring in tinsel / balloons / party hats etc. – a New Year theme.

 If your son was born in February, pink / red clothes / love hearts / wings etc. -  A Valentine’s theme.

 If your son was born in March:  please bring inGreen / white and yellow clothes – St Patrick’s hats etc.  A St Patrick’s Day theme.

 If your son was born in April:  wellingtons / rain coats / umbrellas  -  an April Showers theme.

 If your son was born in May:  Sun glasses / hats / shorts / T-shirts etc.  -  Beginning of summer theme.

 If your son was born in June:  Robin Hood and his merry men  -  to tie in with the theme of our musical this year.

 If your son was born in July:  Buckets / spades / sun glasses - summer holiday theme.

 If your son was born in August:  wellingtons / farmers caps etc.  - 

A farming / harvesting theme.

 If your son was born in September: School uniforms with a tie! - Back to school theme.

 If your son was born in October:  Halloween costumes

 If your son was born in November:  Winter coats / scarves and gloves / hats -   Winter theme.

 If your son was born in December:  Christmas hats / decoration / Santa costumes etc.


If you have items suitable for more than one month, or perhaps a few Santa hats etc and you don’t mind sharing them, for the day, please put your name on them and send them into the teacher.

Hard at work! Hardly working! Love the Mister Men art!