R.11's Birthday Trip

Oct. 7, 2016

Birthday Trip today

Today James had his birthday. After finishing our guided reading and small yard we headed to May Park playground for some fun. We worked up an appetite and headed to Mc Donalds in Artane. We all enjoyed our food and a sneaky play and birthday cake!!

Welcome back Room 11

Sep. 19, 2016

Room 11 Go Planting Daffodil Bulbs

Today room 11 planted Daffodils. We watched a video first to see what we had to do and then we planted them outside. We planted them outside in the school garden beside the pedestrian gate. We hope to see our bulbs grow and see them flowing in spring.

A nice way to spend a Friday afternoon

Taking care of our minds!

Ms Furness is running an after school's club for the senior boys of our school!

Here is what Craig thinks of it...

Mindfulness is held on a Thursday. It is an after schools club. Only the senior boys are invited to do this club. The club is held in the library. Ms. Furness runs the club. In this club, we can sit and talk about different things. 

New Winners of the Golden Boot Award Announced!!

May. 13, 2015

Room 11 Won the Golden Boot Award....

Room 11 were surprised when Jacob came to Room 11 today. He presented Craig, Ryan, Ben, Kian, Michael and Jordan with the Golden Boot Award. This was presented as Room 11 were the class who were most improved this week for W.O.W. - walk on Wednesday. We will continue to work hard on W.O.W :)

  • It's Ryan's Birthday!!

    It's Ryan's Birthday on the 18th of April. So today we went to the Woodmill Cafe and May Park.

  • The Woodmill Cafe

    The Woodmill Cafe was really good. The food was good. We had sausages, milk and toast. It was good and the ladies were lovely

  • May Park :)

    On the way back to school we went to May Park. We had fun with our friends in the sun!!

  • St. Patrick's Day Fun

    We made some head bands for St. Patricks day. We had great fun wearing them to the hall where we listened to Ceoltas and saw some great Irish Dancing.

  • We filled our class Jar and earned a trip!!

    We went to Quazar on our trip. It was fun and cool. We had food too. We had a great trip.

  • Happy Easter

    We made Chick and Bunny containers. We also made lovely buns with mini eggs on top!!Happy Easter to all our family and friends :)

Room 11 are taking up Gymnastics!!

As part of the Active flag the school are taking a closer look at Gymnastics for February. Room 11 started today by working on movement and travelling. We had great fun travelling on our hands and feet 😎

Feb. 3, 2015

Active Week - Community Walk to St. Anne's Park

Birthday Bowling!!

We had two birthdays in Room 11 this month. Jordan had his Birthday on the 14th of November. He was tweleve. Ben had his birthday on the 16th. He was 11. Jordan had a birthday party in school on Friday the 14th - great fun was had by all🙂.

To mark the occasion of Jordan and Bens birthday we went bowling. We had a great time and everybody played a great game of bowling!! When we got back to school we had Ben's Birthday cake and sausages. We all had a great day.

Miss Godfrey Student teacher from St. Patrick's College did cool work with us!!

We completed a lot of hard work with Miss Godfrey. Miss Godfrey brought us around the school to look at the different parts of the school both inside and out. We filled in a template map of the school - filling in different areas and rooms e.g. room 11, staff room, Ms Hartes office and the playground. Before we went out we planned the direction route we were going to take.

We put direction arrows on the map and marked the different places in the school with pictures.

We then divided into two groups. Craig and Ben worked with small lego pieces and made a 3d map of the upstairs of the school. Michael, Ryan and Kian worked with bigger lego and made a 3d map of downstairs. We had great fun even though it was a little hard at times🙂

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Nov. 13, 2014

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All smiles in Room 11!

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We interviewed the Coaches and Players before the big game in Croke Park!!

Oct. 22, 2014

The boys in room 11 would like to thank the Coaches and Players for taking the time to answer their questions. We wish them every success. We are sure that they will do themselves and Scoil Chiarain proud !!