Our New Initiative🙂


The committee held their first meeting of 2015 today.


The committee is now going to run a ‘Tidy Classroom’ competition every week.👍


The committee will assess the classrooms three times a week at half two. On Monday and Wednesday, they will be looking for a clean floor and a neat desk.


On Friday, every class has been asked to wipe down their desks, clean up the sink and sweep the floor.


The winners will be the class with the most points and they will receive three stickers for the class jar.

Room 10 are holding up snowmen.

They made them from old socks. Fantastic.

Room 10

Room 10

A decoration for the competition.

Wonderful invention

Made by room 6

Well done room 6 !!!

Who would know the difference?

Lovely present

Green committee hard at work

The boys are entering a competition. The decorations have to be made using goods that can be recycled.

Battery Boxes

The boxes have arrived. Please support us and bring in any old batteries to be recycled.

Made at home!!

This bow and arrow was made at home. A third class boy made it to use in his calendar picture.


The boys in sixth made wreaths from recycled goods. They are selling them for 10 euro. All proceeds will go to St. Vincent De Paul.

Wreaths in progress

Finished Product. Voila!

Well done to room 6. The youngest class in the school won the 'Greenest Class of the Month' certificate.


Who We Are

ReCreate is a national social enterprise that takes end of line and surplus stock from businesses and reuses them as arts materials. Our warehouse is full to the brim with all types of fantastic arts materials such as paper, wool, plastics, fabric, tubing, foam and many other unusual and unexpected surprises.

We work with local businesses to collect unwanted and surplus items, for use in early childhood education, schools, colleges arts & community centres, and by individuals for art, craft, theatre and creative projects of all kinds.This helps local business produce less waste and helps our schools and communities to stretch their budgets and their imagination.

Our Warehouse of Wonders is located on Ballymount Drive, just off the Long Mile Road and the M50. It is accessible by car or bus. Our small but dedicated team of ReCreatives will be happy to show you around, advise you on products and projects and help you get the most from your membership.

What We Do

We source end of line, remaindered, surplus and unwanted materials and items with potential from local business. We supply these as Arts and Crafts materials and Educational Play resources for Creative Groups groups working with children, young people, the active retired and others. We also cater for Artists and Craftspeople, Art teachers and Creative facilitators, Community artists, students, hobbyists and anyone interested in creative expression or with a love for make and do.

We have a huge range of versatile, fun and safe materials including (but not only) cardboard & paper – all types & sizes, fabric & textiles, boxes, pots, bottles, foam & rubber, tubing and piping, bits, bobs, buttons and all manner of weird and wonderful colours, textures and shapes to inspire you



Fantastic creation

Tom from sixth class made his own costume. Well done Tom.

Super costume

Adam used his imagination and created his own costume.


This helmet was made from a popcorn bowl.

Excellent idea

The key was made from recycled goods.

Brilliant !!

Who said that Halloween has to be expensive. This costume is fantastic. It was made from recycled goods.

Mr Green comes to Filthy Land

Written by Conor, John and Ralph from third class

 This story is an adaptation of ‘Mr Sneeze’

This is Filthy land, which is a county in the west of Ireland. The streets in Filthy land are filled with garbage all of the time. You cannot even see one speck of the ground.  Because it’s so filthy in Filthy land, everybody smells. You can tell if somebody comes from Filthy land because everybody has garbage on them. In Filthy land, even the animals reek of garbage.

This is the story of Mr Filthy, who lived in a pile of garbage. Every day Mr Filthy got up, tripped over some waste, got up, went downstairs, tripped on the stairs because of the rubbish, got up, tripped again, went into the kitchen and tripped again making his breakfast because of the garbage on the floor.  He was constantly tripping up. ‘I don’t like all of this garbage’ said Mr Filthy. One day he decided to leave Filthy land and try to find a way to clean up Filthy land.

As he walked away from Filthy land he noticed that there was less and less rubbish on the ground.  Eventually he walked so far that there was no rubbish on the ground. For the first time in his life he wasn’t falling over. Not at all. Not a bit. Not even the tiniest fall. ‘I wonder why I’m not tripping up and I don’t smell as bad?’ he thought to himself.  Suddenly out of nowhere a wizard called Mr Green appeared. ‘You’re not tripping up because there is no garbage on the ground. You are not as smelly because you are not surrounded by garbage’. ‘Can you come back with me and help me clean up my land?’ said Mr Filthy. ‘Yes, of course I will go back with you and help you to clean up your land’ said the wizard.

 Mr Green, the wizard, took out his wand and flew them back to Filthy land. Before you could say the word filthy both Mr Green and Mr Filthy were transported to Filthy land. ‘I say this is a stinky, disgusting world that reeks of garbage’ said Mr Green. ‘Filthyland needs to be cleaned up’, said Mr Green. ‘And that’s going to take to some rather special wizardry skills to clean up this place’  ‘Now’ said Mr Green, ‘I’m going to do some wizardry skills and I want you to shout the word stinky three times immediately afterwards’

Suddenly Mr Green did some wizardry skills and shouted some magic words that nobody except him could understand. At the same time Mr Filthy shouted out the word ‘Filthy’ three times. The rubbish all started to disappear. Filthy land became clean. You could actually see the ground again. Mr Filthy and all the other people were no longer stinky. The animals and all of the people could walk around now without tripping up.

Before Mr Green left, he reminded the people of Filthy land to never ever put litter on the ground, to put the litter into the correct bins, to pick up garbage if they do happen to see it on the ground, recycle the goods that should be recycled, re use paper that can be reused, re use bottles to plant seeds in them, put the glass bottles into the correct bins and put the skins of the correct food into the compost box. Everybody, because they followed the rules remained clean and they all lived happily ever after.

The End.






Every class has been asked to integrate the idea of our school going green into one lesson this week. Fourth class have written a fantastic acrostic poem entitled ‘Keep It Green’. Well done to all that was involved in writing this awesome poem. Keep up the good work.


Two fifth class boys have written a fantastic song. 🙂

 Keep it Clean and Green

This song was written by Darren Kearney Saul and Adam Poole Flanagan from fifth class.


Keep it clean and don’t be mean,

Help us to keep it nice and green,

Our school is a wonderful place,

If we all work together so we’re not a disgrace.


Keep it green and clean x3

Everybody help us and don’t be mean


We don’t have much time so let’s be hasty,

By recycling, reducing and reusing the waste,

Everybody must follow the rules,

If we do, we will be a green school.


Keep it green and clean x3

Everybody help us and don’t be mean


Two boys from sixth class an excellent pyramid poem. 🙂

A Green School

This pyramid poem was written by Tom Bitiu and Andrei Adriano from sixth class.


A Green School,

A Green clean school,

A green clean recycling school,

A green clean recycling reducing school,

A green clean recycling reducing reusing school,

A green clean recycling reducing reusing helpful school,

A green clean recycling reducing reusing helpful healthy school,

A green clean recycling reducing reusing helpful healthy litter free school.

A super invention

Fourth class have glued a peg onto a coloured sheet of cardboard. This enables them to stick up their awesome pieces of work without using white tack each time.

Left over paper!!!

Miss Murphy will reuse the left over/waste from the photocopier with the boys in her class.

Mascot from Fourth class.

This mascot is outstanding.

Upcoming Events 🙂

1: Second class will make awareness posters to put up on our board.

2: Three boys from third class will make a Mr Green book with Ms. Murphy.

3: Fourth class will write an acrostic poem.

4: Fifth class will compose a song about keeping it green.

5: Sixth class will write a poem that will encourage us to keep it green.

6: Room 10 will paint a Mr Man called Mr Green.


Recycling at its finest!!

We are starting to go all green in our staffroom.

Ready for the compost bin:)

Waste for the compost bin.

We are doing well in our staffroom.

Landfill bin

We are not quite there yet!!

Bin Duty!!!

Everyday the boys from sixth class are responsible for collecting the rubbish that can be recycled from each room.


The sixth class boys are also responsible for filling out the record sheet in each room. The boys must write down if waste from the lunches has gone into the bins.

Inkless Wednesday

Inkless Wednesday will commence on the 15/10/14

Save our Trees!!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Every 3,000 sheets of paper costs us a tree. Please consider the impact of using paper on the environment.

Green Ideas

Look at some of our awesome ideas !!!

👍 Darren Kearney Saul brought in a compost bin from home.

👍 Ms O’ Gara will reuse sweet wrappers for art

👍 Ms Mc Loughlin will reuse Food Dude prizes as part of the Active Flag.

👍 Muriel will re use egg cartons for paint pots.

👍 Room 11 is collecting bottle caps to make draughts boards.

👍 Room 10 will make haunted houses out of used cereal boxes.

👍Inkless Wednesday will commence next Wednesday.

👍Reuse scraps of paper on rainy days. We will not throw them into the bin.

👍Staff will try to be wise and use both sides when photocopying.






Mascot from second class

Mascot from fifth

Haunted Houses

Room 10 used cereal boxes to create fantastic haunted houses.

Room 11 know how to re use items !!

Look at our fantastic notice board.

The notice board was designed and created by the whole school. ; )

Read the applications from the successful candidates

Congratulations to the two boys from fifth class and the three boys from sixth class who wrote fantastic persuasive pieces as to why they wanted to join our Green School's Committee. Their names are Darren Kearney Saul, Adam Poole-Flanagan, Andrei Adriano, Jordan Kelly and Tom Bitiu. Below are their super pieces.



I think I can be a great and green committee member because I have a few ideas for reducing waste.  One is to use recycled waste to make art. Another one is to reduce the waste, reuse the waste and recycle the waste. I also want more children to become green. I will encourage all the kids to keep green and keep clean.

Written by Adam Poole-Flanagan🙂


 I would like to join this committee because I have never done anything like this. It would help me understand the eco-system better. I will learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle correctly. I do hope you acknowledge me as someone who is worthy to join the Green Flag committee.

Written by Darren Kearney Saul🙂


 I want to become a member of the committee so I can make people recycle correctly and use the compost bin correctly. I also want to help lower the amount of waste that is thrown into the bins.

Written By Tom Bitiu🙂


I want to become a member of the committee because I want to help to reduce the waste in the bins and pick up the litter from the ground.

Written by Jordan Kelly🙂


 I want to become a member of the committee as I have lots of ideas.  For example, every Friday 2 boys from 1 class get picked to clean their class and it will be called ‘Clean up Friday’.

Written by Andrei Adriano🙂

Plan of Action (This plan is a work in progress. It will be updated on a regular basis)


Person/Group Responsible



1: Design the first display on the notice board.

2: Run a competition to establish a slogan for the board.

3: Each class must make a mascot using recycled goods to be on our ‘Green, Mean and Fighting Team’


Ms Murphy and team of teachers will design the notice board. The whole school will be involved in creating it. This will entice pupils into joining the committee.

Sept 2014


1: Establish the Green- School Committee. Each pupil must write a persuasive piece as to why they want to be on the committee.


Ms Murphy and team.

Sept 2014


1: Conduct a litter and waste environmental review to establish the current situation in the school. Review will focus in on classrooms, the staffroom, the photocopier. the office and the outside areas that surround the school.

2: Committee will then discuss ways of reducing further waste. With regards to the lunches, the committee will look into ways of monitoring if this new rule is being carried out throughout the school correctly.


Green-School Committee

Sept- Oct

Bins, with regards to lunch waste will be assessed asap. This will be done at the start of September before the committee has been set up.


1: Send out letters explaining about the new policy regarding lunches.




Sept : This will be done before the committee has been set up. Suggestion was brought to the principal’s attention last year.


1: Begin monitoring the amount of waste going to landfill and recycling after the review has been carried out. Cut down the waste by

Green-school Committee




1: Organise classes to pick up litter in the black spot areas.

All classes


1:Inform parents of aims of the Green –school programme and encourage recycling at home during the September assembly



1: Create posters/poems and art to increase awareness of litter and waste issues. (staffroom bins, photocopier etc.)

 All classes under the instruction of the Green-school committee


1: Install boxes in each room for scraps of paper that can be reused on rainy days etc

Green-School committee


1: Source battery recycling boxes for WEEE and monitor the waste going into the paper bin.



1: Raise money for charity by holding a Christmas fair. The prizes and games for the Christmas fair are all second hand games that can be re used again instead of thrown out.

Sixth Class



1:Run another environmental review to further establish how we can become a greener school

Green- Schools Committee

January 2015



February 2015

Mascot from third class

Mascot from sixth class

Mascot from room 6

Mascot from room 11

Mascot from room 10