• Kickboxing

    Second class have had a few kickboxing sessions this year and loved it. Conor McGregor watch out!

  • Golf

    We had an introduction to golf and tested out our aim with a few different drills.

  • Basketball

    We challenged 3rd class to a few basketball matches and both classes played very well.

Well done Lincoln!

🙂 Well done to Lincoln, who came first in his swimming event on Tuesday in the Special Olympics Regional Finals! Lincoln will now progress to the Ireland Games in Limerick!🙂

Fingers crossed for Lincoln!

Everyone in Scoil Chiaráin will have their fingers crossed for Lincoln tomorrow! Lincoln will be participating in the Special Olympics Regional Games tomorrow in the Aquatic Centre! If successful, Lincoln will qualify for the Ireland Games which will be held in Limerick. Good Luck Lincoln!






























Be Active ASAP

Be Active ASAP has started up again and will run for 4 weeks.


Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help out. We would not be able to run the club withouth your help.


Be Active ASAP

Today will be the last day of the Be Active ASAP after school club for this term.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped over the last 5 weeks. The club was a huge success and the boys really enjoyed themselves.

We look forward to after Easter when we will be hoping to set up the club for another 5 weeks.

Add headline

We plan to take the photos for the calendar and cards this Friday 14th November, and so we would greatly appreciate it if you could send in some items of clothing / props with your son.  Below are the details:

Christmas Cards:

All boys to bring in something associated with Christmas, hat / tinsel / Christmas jumper / red t-shirt etc.


Calendar Pictures:

If your son was born in January, please bring in tinsel / balloons / party hats etc. – a New Year theme.


If your son was born in February, pink / red clothes / love hearts / wings etc. -  A Valentine’s theme.


If your son was born in March:  please bring inGreen / white and yellow clothes – St Patrick’s hats etc.  A St Patrick’s Day theme.


If your son was born in April:  wellingtons / rain coats / umbrellas  -  an April Showers theme.


If your son was born in May:  Sun glasses / hats / shorts / T-shirts etc.  -  Beginning of summer theme.


If your son was born in June:  Robin Hood and his merry men  -  to tie in with the theme of our musical this year.


If your son was born in July:  Buckets / spades / sun glasses - summer holiday theme.


If your son was born in August:  wellingtons / farmers caps etc.  - 

A farming / harvesting theme.


If your son was born in September: School uniforms with a tie! - Back to school theme.


If your son was born in October:  Halloween costumes


If your son was born in November:  Winter coats / scarves and gloves / hats -   Winter theme.


If your son was born in December:  Christmas hats / decoration / Santa costumes etc.



If you have items suitable for more than one month, or perhaps a few Santa hats etc and you don’t mind sharing them, for the day, please put your name on them and send them into the teacher.

Looking sharp Rang a 2!

Maths for Fun was super!

Even little sisters had lots of fun!

Maths is all around us!

Watch out!2nd class are super fighting machines!

Patterns and pegboards!Great combination!

Putting on armour for battle!