Three members of the Green School Committee graduated last night. Congratulations boys. Thank you for all your hard work and effort over the past year.

Action Day

The Green School Committee held their action day yesterday.

It was a fantastic success.

The committee, room eleven and some class reps walked through the Clans and cleaned up as much of the area as they could.

This was followed by a litter quiz that was held in the afternoon.

The committee have also composed a letter that will be sent to the local TDs. The letter addresses the issue of the insufficient amount of bins in the area and the need for May Park to be cleaned up.

Fourth class boys pulling up the weeds in our yard.

Third class boy cleaning up the front garden.

Third class boy pulling up the weeds.

Third class boy cleaning the window sill.

Fourth class boys pulling up the weeds.

The cheque has arrived.

Fantastic !!!

Tadhg won a 20 euro book voucher for the decoration that he made out of recycled goods.


Gary also won the twenty euro book voucher.

Re using items.

We are re using items that we already have in the school for the play.

Re using items.

Muriel made this by taking stuff out of her rainy day box.

Well done to all of the parents, pupils and staff who participated in the cash for clobber. The bags were collected on the 20-5-15. We have raised 160 euro for our school.

Spring Cleaning !!!

National Spring Clean has commenced

Room 6 doing a great job!!.

Spring clean your wardrobe and raise funds for our school

It's time to get rid of your winter woolies,clear out your wardrobe and raise some cash for our school. Recycle all types of clothing and shoes, household textiles and handbags.


The bags will be delivered to the school shortly.🙂

Jordan is collecting the bugs in the garden.

He is using a recycled cup.


Keeping our gardens watered

Cleaning up our planting boxes

Well done boys !!!

Lunch bags were used to make this beautiful display. Conor from third class made it.

Lunch bags

We used our lunch bags as paper for our quiz.

Well done to sixth class. They won the Greenest Class award for January.🙂


Well done to third and fourth. They won the Greenest Class award for February.🙂


Special well done to room six who have won the Tidy Classroom award every week.🙂

Explanation Writing

Title: Recycling


We want to explain why we should recycle.


There are several reasons for this. The main reason for recycling is that it will keep our world clean and safe.


Another reason is we can re use the goods.


A further reason is that costs are reduced as a result of recycling.


So now you can see why you should recycle.🙂


Written by Ralph and Conor from thrid class.


We have filled four boxes so far for Weee Ireland. Please send is any batteries for recycling to the school.

Scoil Chiarain has registered for the  National Spring Clean campaign.

We will be cleaning up our yard, front garden, walkways up to the Craobh and the field behind us.

We are very excited to take part in this project.

We look forward to receiving the clean up pack.

The clean up pack will provide us with plastic bags, tabards and gloves.


Tidy classroom competition


Room six have won a prize for the third week in a row. They have scored 89/90. They are the youngest boys in the school. They are setting a great example every week. Well done boys.


Room ten are the second yongest class in the school. They have won the competition twice so far alongside room six. They have scored 86/ 90. Well done boys.


Room eleven have also won the competiton once alongside room 6 and 10. They have scored 80/90. Well done boys.

Hard at work!!!

The Green School's Committee cleaned up the walkway up to the Craobh on Wednesday at little break.

We don't throw away paper!!!

Miss Murphy collects up the paper left over at the photocopier and re uses it.

An empty bin!!

The amount of waste has reduced immensely in our school as a result of people brining home the waste from lunch.

Very little waste!!

No waste from lunch goes into this bin anymore.