Sep. 7, 2015

Come on you BOYS in BLUE!!

It will be a BLUE September, much to our great delight! It was touch and go there in Croker on Saturday! Nails were bitten, nerves were tested but we hung on in there and with some finely timed goals, victory was ours!🤪🤪🤪

And now for the KINGDOM! Whatever the third Sunday in September may bring(hopefully SAM back home!) Scoil Chiaráin will be cheering on the Boys in Blue with great gusto between now and then! 

We are having the Best Dubs Class Competition! So if there are any flags or banners lying around at home, send them in with your son! We will be decking the school out in blue so keep an eye out!

On the Friday before the All Ireland, we will have our DUBS Day! So get t shirts, jerseys to the ready!!