Cuala advance to Leinster Final

For the first time, since 2008, Cuala from Dublin have advanced to the Leinster final, after a well deserved win over Clara from Kilkenny. Cuala's star player, David Treacey assisted two goals and scored a brilliant goal himself. 

Just before half time, Cuala got a goal to give them the lead going into the break. The score was Cuala 2-8, Clara 10 points. In the second half, Clara got loads of points but David Treacey responded with 1-4 in 20 minutes. With ten minutes to go, Clara were down to ten men. 

Cuala took advantage of the extra man and scored 3 points. The final score was Cuala 3-12, Clara 0-17. The Wexford Champions are up next! 

Robert, Rang 6

The Egyptian Plane Crash

All was well in the tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. The sun was shining, the children were playing and the adults were lounging casually in the sun. Suddenly disaster struck! A plane, carrying 224 passengers came to a sudden demise over the Sinai Desert. Everyone on board was killed instantly. In order to understand how such a tragedy occured, luckily the most crucial evidence was found, the black boxes. It's recordings have been listened to and it has led investigators to understand that there was abnormal activity twenty four minutes before the sudden demise of the plane. The investigating team, however, also found that voices were heard from what they suspect to be possible militants. 

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England, said that a bomb must have been smuggled into the baggage area. What I find strange about this, is that if there was a bomb, it would have to been very well hidden to go undetected. Also, how did the black boxes survive after a bomb, a crash and an explosion?  It is a terrible tragedy to have to explain. 

Thousands of tourists are now stranded. Barely any flights are departing for England, and those passengers leaving must leave all their belongings behind. No flights are going to Russia. We must remember that Egypt is a country that makes a lot of money from tourism. Without tourists, a lot of money is being lost. A man called Ben Khonstavi has described his experience in the airport - " a smuggler's dream". He said that it was so bad you could pay someone to get fast tracked through security. 

When the possibility of militant involvement first came to the attention of the world, the so called Islamic State claimed to have caused the crash. The Egyptian government have denied this possibility, but as the days go on, it seems more and more likely. 

A few seconds before the plane disappeared from radar, a tracking device showed that the place was descending at 60 feet a second. This is another terrible disaster to have taken place. Wives, husbands, and children gone. Imagine how scary it would have been. Put ourselves in their shoes. it's like we live in two separate worlds. it's surreal to us because we don't have that type of conflict, that people living in that part of the world experience. 

I hope that an answer will be found soon, but what comfort will that give to the families and friends of those lost in this tragedy? 


The Serbian / Hungarian Border Crisis

Refugees trying to pass through the Hungarian border are being told that anybody crossing the border will be deported or arrested. 

In my own honest opinion, using tear gas and water cannons is a step over the line. I find it to be a human injustice that these people, who are running for their lives, are being given no respect. The spokesman for the Hungarian Prime Minisitry, who thinks no more so called "migrants" should be allowed to pass through Hungary, said "this is the only thing we can do!"

I would like to point out that migrants and refugees are different. Migrants are people who want to move to another country. Refugees are people who are running from their country due to war, a dispute, famine and so on. Anyone who can't tell the difference between the two should have no part to play in solving this crisis. 

These refugees are now heading to Croatia. Pregnant women, boys, girls, babies are being made to suffer. Thousands of these people are now left wandering, walking aimlessly and all for what? That's right! Closed borders! 

Hungary have already put up a ten foot fence. 

This is the worst refugee epidemic since the 1940s. The number has been set at one hundred and sixty thousand refugees. Europe are struggling already to give these people assylum because governments are not working together to solve it. 

Everyone has their human rights and having these rights mean being recognised as a human being. At the end of the day all our little worries are just first world problems, compared to those of these people at the moment. 

A human being given their rights means being able to do what God intended them to do and live their lives in peace. It also means being able to do what is right. If not passing through a country so you can live your life in peace isn't one of those rights, then I don't know what is!? 

Darren, Rang 6 

Our opinions matter!

This page will be dedicated to the opinions and thoughts of the boys of Scoil Chiaráin, on local, national and international news! Sometimes people forget to listen to young people but here in our school, we know that our opinions matter. We want to share them with you! Remember, we are the future leaders of this country!