Random bin check !!

Random bin check.

Random bin check

We buy life long products.

We are great at re using items.

Made at home !!!

Head made from a cardboard box.

Getting into the Green School Spirit of re using!!!

Made at home.

Room six collected cereal boxes.

They cut the boxes into masks.

Look at the finished product.

Environmental Review

Area is looking a lot cleaner

Our cool signs.

No lunch waste went into this bin today.

Third class are reading a great book about recycling.

Interesting fact !!!

Every year, each person throws away seven times their body weight in rubbish.

Where does it go?

Glass bottles and jars are put into the recycling bin. All the same coloured bottles are put together.

Where does it go?

The glass is now cleaned. Then it is melted. The melted glass is shaped into new bottles.

On Friday 9th of October, the boys in Room 6 planted hyacinth bulbs. They recycled  pots from last year and used old newspapers to protect the tables. We also used some old washing powder scoops to fill the pots with soil.

Bottle collection for Science Week !!!

Empty bottles can make cool lava lamps.

Planting using recycled pots and old newspapers


We buy in bulk !!!!

We will now be using the same bottles and lunch boxes.

We don't waste in our school

We are reusing paper to make a poster!!

Tremendous work has taken place so far by the existing Green School Committee.🙂


  • A set of rules were distrubuted out to each class.

  • Numerous letters arrived back from the TDs about the litter issue in Donnycarney.

  • New lunch boxes were provided to each class. This means that the children have no excuse but to bring all the lunch waste home.

  • We are now filling up our water bottles at home.

  • A fantastic mascot was made by room 11 for the Dublin team using recycled goods.

  • Each class was asked to complete a comprehension based around litter for the month of October.

  • Children expressing an interest in the committee have been asked to write a letter as to why they want to join the committee.
  • Each class has been asked to make a mask or a Halloween decoration using recycled goods.
  • We collected empty 2 litre bottles to use in Science Week.
  • Third and fourth class are tackling the theme of environmental awareness for the month of November.